James Walker – Live at The Montrose Playhouse

November 15, 2022

James Walker Live at the Montrose Playhouse

Tuesday 6th December at 8pm (doors open from 7:30pm)

Screen 3 Tickets available at:

An evocative and enthralling artist, James Walker writes songs that communicate his experiences of love, trauma and overcoming.

Over the past ten years he has captivated audiences at over 1,000 concerts across the world, from festivals to living rooms, from Sweden to South Carolina. 

In his early teens, James was diagnosed with a rare blood-clotting disorder and underwent a major heart-lung surgery. He spent weeks in the ICU, leaving his short-term memory and emotional regulation permanently affected.

After recovering, James started his journey into music as a session pianist for Adam Barnes, touring Europe with Matt Simons and Chris Ayer. 

But as things started to look up he was again taken ill again, leading to his second open heart surgery at the age of 21. Believing that time was short, James dove headfirst into writing and touring, often performing in more than 200 cities per year. 

His latest body of work, things happen / people do things, is a deep and affecting release that tackles stories of grief, trauma, and eventual recovery. Featuring collaborations/co-writes with Richard Walters, Judy Blank, Nathan Nicholson, MMX, Youri Lentjes and Cooza, things happen / people do things will be released over the coming year.

Discover James’ music here:

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