Chocolate Tasting Event

December 8, 2023

‘Craft chocolate’ has the ability to make the world a better place. At Cocoa Runners, we unwrap the stories from cacao growers and chocolate makers from around the world, taking you on a journey from farm to bar to uncover the remarkable features of craft chocolate.

Join us on Thursday December 14th at 6pm for an evening of exploring chocolate flavours in the Reel Cafe Bar at Montrose Playhouse.

In this special ‘Cocoa Runners on tour’ tasting, we’ll taste some seasonal chocolate flavours while learning about where cocoa comes from, how chocolate is crafted from it, and why savouring flavour is such a special experience. We’ll practice the art of tasting chocolate and apply it to a diverse range of bars from the world’s best chocolate makers. You’ll discover how cocoa beans from around the world have a whole rainbow of flavours, and why sustainable, ethical craft chocolate is the most conscious choice. With a range of chocolates, including some Christmassy flavours, there’ll be something for everyone.

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