Montrose Playhouse | Dundee Courier – Huge display shows intent to bring cinema to Montrose
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Dundee Courier – Huge display shows intent to bring cinema to Montrose

Montrose Playhouse Project is planning an ambitious project to build a cinema on the site of the town’s former swimming pool.

The 12 metre by five metre banner was designed by a group of Dundee and Angus College students, who were selected by the project’s committee.

It includes elements of the site’s past – with a swimmer going through waves – and its future, showing a cinema reel and cinema seats.

David Paton, who is the vice-chairman of the project, said: “We received Stalled Spaces Scottish Government funding, which is there to regenerate small areas and communities.

“The pool area was in need of a bit of TLC. The money allowed us to clear the old car park area at the rear of the pool, remove glass and give the site a general tidy up.

“We fitted some bollards to the two entrances to stop people using it as a dumping ground. We had some money left over for a small art project, which became the mural.

“We contacted Dundee and Angus College for the art students to run a design competition.

“It’s a huge space and a very good composition that shows our intention for the site.”

Four teams submitted designs and the project’s patron, Scottish comic book writer Mark Miller was involved in the judging process.

Designers Kyle Stokes, Magda Garas and Andrew Carlyle did research online and visited the DCA, V&A and McManus Galleries for inspiration.

Kyle said: “We took photos and then the team collaborated on our concept drawings in our sketchbooks.

“Further brainstorming and mind mapping led us on to our digital mock ups from which we chose our final design.”

The banner was printed by Keillor Graphics.

It is estimated that the total cost of the new building will cost between £4m and £4.5m and Mr Paton said a lot of work was going on behind the scenes.

He added: “We have planning permission for a conversion of the old pool.

“When we got the community asset transfer of the land and the building, we did a feasibility study on a new build and that’s where we are at the moment.

“We are speaking to grant bodies, investors and some cinema operators.

“We are hoping that the mural will help people understand that this won’t happen overnight. It will take a little time but we are still here and working hard.”

As funds are received for the project it is planned that a thermometer at the bottom of the banner will show how much money has been raised.

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